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2nd GEN Origin NFT's

Explore the NFT's and it's utilities, and find out the perks on getting in early!

2nd GEN Origin

As a mark of the start of the phase 2 of Project Genesis, we present the all new 2nd GEN Origin NFT’s. After several suggestions and changes we’ve arrived at the point wherein the majority of the community are satisfied with the base version.  

So far about 15 trait design have been completed but it is still far from 150 (our target number) ensuring total diversity of variety among the NFT’s.

Since the implementation of Xls-20 is proving to be imminent, these NFT’s will be minted in this standard which gives us more time to release quality NFT’s. 


Below is the full list of rarity and it’s designated prices. And find out how to get some of these early and at a discounted price…

Rarity Level
Estimated Price
175 xrp
200 xrp

Rarity levels will be determined by their corresponding traits. For example a camo style being at the Rare and a gold being at the metalic rarity. Each will have different prices Plain being the cheapest to coveted being the rarest and the most expensive. Once NFT’s are clost to completion we’ll release a detailed page with each individual traits and rarities and an NFT gallery with the correspoding prices.

Presale / Bond

About Presale

Some Original/Rare NFT’s will be presaled. This will allow for the early investors to get in early and at a discounted price. Presale buyers will be able to pick an NFT of their choice once NFT’s are complete. Presale NFT’s carry the same structure with the 2nd GEN NFT’s but with a more cartoon style. Yes, even presale tickets are pretty well made!

Presale NFT's

There is only a limit of 150 presale slots which mean not all rarities will be presaled. There is only 100 spots for Original NFT’s and 40 spots for the rare NFT’s and 10 spots for the metalic NFT’s. Be fast!

NFT Bonds

These presale tickets also holds a GEN/ORIGIN bond. GEN bond will be received once presale is over. Meanwhile the ORIGIN bond will be received once issued, this means presale buyers will be the first to receive ORIGIN.

Presale Prices
GEN Bond
Original Prices
125 xrp
10 000 GEN
150 xrp
150 xrp
15 000 GEN
175 xrp
175 xrp
20 000 GEN
200 xrp

Get a presale ticket now!

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